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EBT-Priced Radical Nutrition

What to eat when you're broke & wanna be healthy!

Poverty doesn't have to kill you!

This cookbook will help you use food (stamps) to heal! Rachel is a Harvard-educated baby momma leading a revolution for low income, high potential communities to eat BETTER so they can LIVE better. She takes extra special care of her fellow baby mommas so the next generation can have happy and healthy habits passed down to them. Rachel overcame the welfare system with radical nutrition and you can, too!

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Some love from my readers

"I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for wonderful healthy food on a budget, food stamps or not! Rachel shares with us a wealth of information regarding how to avoid foods that will zap your budget and your health. Her butternut squash mac&cheese is to die for..."

"Every Recipe in this book is healthy, tasty and affordable."

"I am a professional chef and I can’t stand cookbooks that are all slick pictures and no substance. This book is a welcome relief! I am constantly asked how to eat better, and the journey really is complex and unique for each individual..."

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BabyMomma Revolutionary

Hi! I'm Rachel

Rachel Bolden-Kramer is a writer and babymomma revolutionary originally from San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury. She disturbed the status-quo as a militant teenager and poetry slam champion in the 1990s. Rachel credits the arts and activism movement of her generation in the Bay Area for contributing to her keen sense of creative justice.

Rachel is a first-generation graduate of Harvard University. After a trauma, Rachel became an expert in navigating the welfare system and referenced her strategies for survival at the margins in her workshops on radical healing commissioned by the New York City Housing Authority. The early “My Food Stamps Cookbook” workshops grew into the Hip Dhamma Yoga Studio of Brooklyn, a community center owned and operated by Black Women yoga teachers in BedStuy. In May 2017, over 1000 backers made the cookbook become a reality in print and ebook via Kickstarter and Backerkit crowdsourcing.

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